Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How have you been sleeping lately?

Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder, Type II

Today's medications:
  • Pristiq, 100 mg, AM
  • Abilify, 5 mg, AM
  • Alprazolam, .5 mg, PM
  • Lithium Carbonate, 150 mg, PM (tapering off)
  • Chloraseptic spray, like there is no tomorrow
  • Frova (antimigraine. I can just feel one coming on)
Current depression: 4. I think the anxiety is making me frustrated and therefore depressed.
Current anxiety: 9

The session:

It's five AM. I've been up since at least three AM and have been strongly encouraged to never take Advil PM, Tylenol PM, or any OTC PM drug. This goes for you too, ya'll. Don't destroy your neurons, and mine have certainly had all they can take. When I don't sleep, bad things happen, both mentally and physically. I'm usually a 9-10 hours of sleep a night kind of girl. When I get less than 8 consistently, I usually get a cold/flu/migraines and very, very grumpy.

At least I've been productive for my fall class that I have yet to prepare for. Woo! However, I'm antsy in the pantsy (no. Not that way.), and want to just sleep. I'm currently wishing my Alprazolam (Xanax) was not extended releas, because I think that might help a lot.

Things I've tried to put me to sleep:
  • Reading
  • Audiobooks
  • Netflix
  • Working on "homework" (surprised that one didn't work)
  • Praying
  • Petting a happy kitty
  • Was going to try warm milk but we just got back in town and it's expired and that would be gross. I do have bottled frappuccino but I think that would defeat the purpose.
  • Working out
  • Chloriseptic spray. This is not related to the insomnia, but my throat really does hurt and I thought it might help the general purpose.

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