Thursday, August 23, 2012

That doesn't seem to be working, but it's ok!

No, no it doesn't.

Diagnosis: now possibly changing from Bipolar Disorder, Type II, to Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.


  • Pristiq, 100 mg, AM
  • Latuda, 20 mg, with dinner (building up to 40 mg)
  • Xanax, 1 mg, PM
  • Vitamin B12 AM (I'm deficient)
  • Vitamin D AM (I'm deficient)

The Session:

I went back to my psychiatrist today (who I like) and we decided to extend my FMLA by two weeks as well as adjust my medicine. I also found out I cannot adjunct while on FMLA. I'm trying really hard to not let this impact my self-esteem. Also, found ouf that the Latuda will most likely cause nausea, sooooo you know I'm looking forward to that, because you know I'm going to get that side effect :-P

Um. I'm just kind of here lately.  In need of a lot of encouragement I guess. Clearly my meds are off or I wouldn't feel like that. I feel like I can recognize that this is a tough time, but I'm ready to be looking back on it when it was a tough time and I can say "Wow, I'm so glad I'm done with that!"

Hopefully my counseling appointment tomorrow morning will help me put this into perspective.

Until then, I'm trying to branch out more and hopefully help or connect with others as well. This is REALLY branching out for me. :)

It's ok...

  • To take a nap when I don't have to go to work.
  • That my arms and shoulders are actually sore from how much I have crocheted!
  • To be planning a dinner that I know will probably come back up (lovely side effects)
  • To look for reasons to wear real pants every day
  • To be excited to take off those real pants and put stretchy pants back on
  • To have bought a pill case for all of my pills but feel old about it
  • To think there should be a "kitten of the month" club
  • To be overexcited that I made a pitcher of lattes for ice vanilla latte in the morning. Cheaper and better for me than Starbucks.
  • To really love breakfast for dinner!

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