Sunday, August 12, 2012

Please have a seat.

Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder, Type II
  • Ability, 5 mg every AM
  • Pristiq, 100 mg every AM
  • Alprazolam, .5 mg every PM 
  • Lithium bicarbonate, 300 mg, every PM (tapering off) 
Current depression level: 5, with no suicidal or self-harm ideation
Current anxiety level: 8. More of a general unease than specific items of anxiety

Welcome to my blog. After several friendly and professional recommendations to blog,
I finally decided to do it. One of the things I struggle with most is feeling alone, so maybe if someone else out there feels the same way, my ramblings can help!

I intend for this to be a very real and honest account of what my daily life is like living with Bipolar Disorder. You will NEVER read me refer to being a bipolar because I consider it something I have, not something I am. Sometimes it sucks (both emotionally and physically) and sometimes it's just like everybody elses' lives. Or at least how they project them to be. My experience is not going to be like anybody else's, and nor is yours, diagnosis or not. 

Please feel free to share and comment, but if you are having immediate threats, immediately seek emergency help. 

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