Monday, October 22, 2012


Depression: 2
Anxiety: 4

The session:

Remember back when I did my countdown post? Yeah, I'm right in the middle of that. I have exactly 3 days to perfect a project I have been working on for months, and that goes live on Friday. EEEEEEE! I'm so torn between wanting to drink all of the caffeine and drink none of it because I know it will make me jittery, but possibly more productive. Solutions, anyone?

In other (much better, awesome, fantastic) news, my husband and I are renewing our vows on November 10th! I could not be more grateful to how God has renewed and healed my heart. I'm so excited to be entering into a new covenant with a changed, Jesus-centered man. God can resurrect anything and we are living proof of that.

Of course, that also means I get to plan another "wedding" (read: tiny, intimate ceremony with church leadership and family only) which just makes me giddy! EEEEEEEE! Therefore, you guys get a preview and all comments/critiques are appreciated!!

The bouquet (with scripture and teal flowers):
paper bouquet
via Pinterest

The shoes:
Steve Madden via DSW

The hair (ribbon and flower in teal):
wedding hair short
via Pinterest

And finally, the dress:
Natalia dress

via J. Crew Wedding