Thursday, September 27, 2012

It will be OK when I say it is!

Depression: 4
Anxiety: 7

The session: I'm under a bit of stress for the next 27 days, on a personal and professional level, so today I decided that while somethings are OK, somethings definitely aren't. Thanks to Neely and Amber for letting, nay, encouraging me to vent!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...
... that my best friend is moving and to throw myself a pity party for a night, then get over myself.
... that I can write HTML code but still have my husband transfer my contacts/music/apps/everything because I can't (read: refuse to) figure out how to do it myself.
... to avoid writing content by doing other productive things, like cleaning my office!
... to use an old person 7 day pill-holder to keep track of my meds. Except I use each spot for a different med, not for the days of the week.
... that I'm actually looking forward to my psych appointment on Friday. I'm thinking a few tweaks but a relatively uneventful visit! Woo!
... to have so much to do and only want to hide under my covers and do none of it. Possibly while eating. (Bridget Jones reference. Anyone?)
... to spend the extra $200 in my paycheck (yay adjuncting!) on a nice dinner and part of my new tattoo :)
... that my perception of earth tones is apparently different than everyone else's. Blue is in the sky and water, people! Those are associated with the earth!
... to have things that are NOT OK!

It is NOT OK...
... to have a cup of coffee to wake me up but then have to take a Xanax to stop the shaking.
... to have had an intense headache daily for months now and feel like I have to choose between meds and side effects.
... that my best friend is moving. Apparently still not over myself yet.
... when coworkers ask me how my "vacation" was when referring to my time out for FMLA.
... that Target has tons of cute clothes when I have a self-imposed shopping ban (I know, my own fault).
... to 10 and 11 hour days every day this week and STILL take work home with me.
... that this will probably continue for the next 27ish days.
... that as a result, I will probably build a stock pile of wine (well, that might be OK since I will drink in a mature and responsible manner [seriously, I am really careful about that]).

What's OK (or not) with you?

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  1. I totally know what your mean about the meds. I take Klonopin in the morning and then have to drink Dr. Pepper to wake up! I have to limit my caffeine intake though or I get anxiety through the roof!

    Here's my OK: