Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just keep repeating "It's OK"

Diagnosis: Slowly confirming Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (a change from Bipolar Disorder Type II, diagnosed 9 years ago). Apparently those types of things don't change overnight, but take months.
Depression: 3
Anxiety: 7

The session:

I'm going back to work next week after four weeks of FMLA and one week of vacation, so a total of five weeks off. Anxiety might be a little high. Therefore, I just keep repeating "It's OK"

... to not please everyone 100% of the time.
... to not tell everyone at work all the details of what I've been going through, but to anonymously tell the interwebs. Anonymity is glorious.
... to issue a giant "thank you" to the ModCloth 70% off sale for helping me feel fabulous in preparation for going back to work.
... to be thoroughly enjoying sleeping in while I can.
... that I'm relishing non-real pants also while I can.
... to STILL be ridiculously excited about my new iced latte recipe that is delicious and saves money.
... to start to see a pattern of going back to work = new stuff. :)
... to have read way more young adult books as opposed to more serious, philosophical literature while I've been home.
... that I'm nervous about going back to work. That's natural, right?
... to create a post-it note (or a huge canvas) saying "It's OK" to put in my office!
... to appreciate one of the "sometimes funny" moments of mental health that I had the other night: Just had dinner, took my meds as usual, took a nice relaxing bath, stood up, and nearly passed out from side effect of random, massive blood sugar drop. 5 more minutes and Biletteral would have found me on the floor in our bathroom. I used it as an excuse to eat ice cream.


  1. mod cloth is amazing to being with...but when they have sales....ooooo yay!!!

    happy thursday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  2. hey! Just got over here from the It's Ok Link In. Very interested to read what you have to save, as I struggle with anxiety myself. Thanks for writing!

  3. Sarah Grace, their sales spoil me and I can't buy anything full price anymore!

    Nikki, thanks for reading! I'm definitely going to take a look at your blog. I hope my experiences will be able to help, or at least amuse, you!