Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What are the things you love?

Depression: 3
Anxiety: 5

The session:

I'm trying to think positively, which, as I'm sure you realize, can be hard for me at times. I'm a positive, depressed person, which is odd, I assure you :) However, things are somewhat starting to look better and I want to keep that train rolling!


I'm loving that I only had one semi-fainting/low blood pressure spell this week!

I'm loving the weather! Under 90 is beautiful. Break out the cardigans (and sneaky hoodies that look like cardigans and are therefore appropriate for work).

I'm loving my Old Navy cropped and cuffed boyfriend khakis, which is really surprising since I didn't think they would fit me well (5'9", 160 lbs).


I'm loving that I'm using Polyvore and Pinterest while at work for an actual work project.

I'm loving the support I'm getting from IRL and interwebs friends. It really does help.

I'm loving that my husband sends me a "cat of the day" video/gif/pic.


I'm loving the single the band I'm in (So Rejoice) put out. I may or may not be playing it on repeat and I may or may not be doing a shameless plug. 

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