Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tell me your top 10 reasons you worry

Depression: 3
Anxiety: 6

The session:

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

This Tuesday I'm doing a link up called the "Top 10" and I started thinking about what would be in my top tens. I thought  top 10 meds, but that seemed not likely to translate well to a general blogging population or be helpful; then the top 10 times I thought I lost my mind, but again, not so great; so I've settled on the top 10 things I worry about. I've also added three responses I feel they should have: Get over it, don't stress, and valid concern.

10. That people won't like me. Response: get over it. Not everyone is going to like me. I like me, that should be enough.

9. My husband will have another incident. Response: valid, leaning to don't stress. It is, of course, a valid concern, but the more time goes by and the deeper we get into our marriage counseling, the more I can feel myself letting go of the constant, deep anxiety.

8. I won't know when I'm not doing well. Response: valid. I feel the need to be hyper vigilant and making sure that I'm in check - constantly. Fortunately, I have an awesome support system, all of whom feel comfortable letting me know if I'm not quite myself.

7. Gaining weight. Response: get over it. I hate that I worry about this. And it all comes down to my self esteem! I mean, seriously, if I gain weight, from a side-effect or otherwise, I need to get over myself. Doesn't mean it's not hard, though :-/

6. That people will suddenly wake up and realize I have no idea what I'm doing. Response: don't stress. I don't have all the answers but I'm good at finding them. I do need to stay on my game, but I've been successful in my career so far so....

5. I will pass on everything I struggle with to my children. Response: don't stress. Number 1, we don't even have kids and aren't planning on that for a while so I don't need to worry about it now. Number 2, they'll be perfect for who they are, regardless.

4. I'm an adult. Response: get over it. Ahhhh! I'm an adult! I have to make tough decisions and want to hide in my closet from them. That's what blogging is for. And running. And yoga. I can do it!

3. That I will be thrown in jail. Keep in mind, the most trouble I've gotten into is 2 speeding tickets, but I'm constantly convinced that I'm going to be pulled over and then there will be something wrong with my registration and they'll put me in jail. Response: get over it or get into more trouble. :)

2. Large social gatherings. Response: don't stress. I am great one-on-one and I'm great in a large group that I'm teaching/training/professionally participating in, but socially I'm just awkward.

1. That I'm never enough and I'm too much at the same time. Response: valid.  I hate being a burden on anyone and at the same time I worry that I'm not doing enough. I'm not a good enough worker, I'm not a good enough wife. I'm too needy. Etc. All I can do is the best I can and do what God put me here to do.

What do you worry about? Destress here!

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  1. Ummm #4. All day every day. Whyy adulthood, why?!!

    Also - #1. I definitely can feel like that sometimes too. It's hard to strike that balance - I'm with ya there!

    PS: I love your blog & its whole concept!